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Isabella’s European Study Abroad Adventure

January 9th marked a turning point for Isabella’s worldview. From the moment she stepped off the plane, Barcelona had her heart. The city’s breathtaking atmosphere and rich cultural history were overwhelming; its stunning architecture and vibrant local life made every street feel like a living museum of art and history. Overwhelmed by the choices, Isabella quickly created a list of adventures she wanted to experience.

 Her journey spanned from Milan to Switzerland, Lake Como, and finally London. In Milan, the  glamor of shopping and authentic Italian cuisine were irresistible. Isabella and her friends were stunned at the vintage shops and high fashion districts, their gazes captivated by the distinctive styles. Yet, upon encountering luxury brands, they wisely chose to protect their bank accounts, reminding themselves of the long journey ahead.

Lake Como was next, where a boat trip offered them panoramic views that words could barely describe. The beauty of towns like Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio was indescribable, immersing them in Italy’s history and culture. This experience, they knew, was a rare opportunity, especially as students seeking relaxation in some of the world’s most renowned destinations.

London brought its own wonders, with Big Ben’s towering presence and Gothic Revival architecture leaving a lasting impression on Isabella. She recognized its cultural significance and the unique position it holds within the UK. The Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace was another highlight, a ceremony that resembled the depth of tradition and history that the city embodies. She captured the scenery in front of her through several images that she will have with her for the rest of her life.

These experiences taught Isabella and her friends that the world is filled with extraordinary places and that studying abroad offers a unique window into this diversity. Isabella felt it was the best decision of her life, enjoying every new discovery and joking about never returning home. Meanwhile, back in Bloomington, life continued its usual cycle of classes and study sessions. As Isabella’s adventures unfolded, I couldn’t help but anticipate my own turn abroad, ready to see the amazing things that are out there, away from everyday habits.

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