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6 Items You Will Be Glad You Purchased Before Studying Abroad

1 Portable Charger

Never worry about losing charge again! While traveling it is important to always
have access to charge your phone as you never know when you will have access to an

2 Journal

It is great to keep track of everything you do on your travels so you can refer to it
years later. I kept a journal when I studied abroad in Copenhagen and it is one of my
greatest keepsakes. Take 10 minutes each day to write in your travel journal.

3 Some of your favorite snacks from home!

You may get a little homesick here and there and want to munch on your favorite snack!
Be sure to bring some mementos of home!

4 Universal Adapter

Make sure to have at least two adapters with you. It is better to get the universal
adapter, this way you have all the ‘countries’ outlets in one.

5 Reusable Water Bottle

If the tap water is safe where you are, then you can save a lot of money here by using
your own water bottle. It is also good to have so you stay hydrated and do not have to
keep purchasing water bottles!

6 A deck of cards

Always good to have on hand. No matter if you are waiting in the airport or hanging out
before class, cards are always a good game to make new friends!

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